Nova's Birth

I got a call around 4pm that it was happening. I booked a flight, packed bags and flew to Salt Lake landing around 11:30pm.

They told me to sleep for a couple hours and they would call. I slept, tossing and turning, half awake...not wanting to miss their call. 3:30am I was on my way driving through deserted snowy streets to St Mark's hospital.

You might think, with me being 34 weeks pregnant, that I would have been suffering from complete exhaustion...but amazingly I was awake and ready. There was a baby coming and parents laboring. The world was asleep but we were wide wide awake.

I shot this sweet couple's wedding almost 7yrs ago. It was amazing to see them entering this next stage of their life together. Ryan seriously blew me away with his doula skills and Brittany....Brittany was a solider. Laboring naturally, gorgeous and glowing.  Did you know there are about 240 babies born EVERY MINUTE of every day? I love thinking about that as I grow my own babies. I loved thinking about that as I watched Brittany working so hard for her sweet daughter. She and so many others in that exact moment giving so much for another.

Nova was born, perfect. Making noise, ready to eat..with a room full of tears and kisses. It truly felt like a celebration.

Did you hear they named her Nova!! They first got the idea from my own precious bundle and as I watched Nova #2 take her first breaths I felt so elated to have another gorgeous Nova join us.

After the adrenaline wore off me and Ryan both started feeling the exhaustion. I do think it took me a couple days to come out of the birth haze. Worth it. So totally worth it.

What a gift to be invited to photograph these moments for people. I am truly truly grateful.