Charlie's Birth


My sister Kate gave birth to her Charlie and invited me to photograph his arrival. I said YES.

Some of the details are a bit hazy...but by the time she actually made her way to the hospital she had been dilated to a 5 for the better part of a week...(is that right Kate?). Needless to say my mom and I spent many moments a day exchanging excited glances knowing that at any moment a new perfect baby would join our family.

Of course Kate and Jake were calm as clams...which they were smart to be. Babies usually come once they are ready but with that number 5 flashing in lights above their heads, it was hard to concentrate.

Once they arrived at the hospital they called to say it would probably still be awhile but they would call once we should come. Well....we decided to come anyway and just sit (not so) patiently in the waiting room. I am so glad we did! From the time they arrived at the hospital I think Charlie was there only 2ish hours later!

No time to photograph the long wait. There was none (unless you count 10 months). He was ready and he was coming.

The sun was still out and my mom and I held our breath as we watched our sweet Kate perform her miracle. She didn't use any medication and everything she was doing she felt. I had photographed births before having my own babe, but after joining the club, watching birthing moms really takes on a whole new light. You start to remember.

Jake was kind of like superman. Calm and confident. Talking her through every contraction. His eyes were focused and serious. Kate, Jake and Charlie were all working SO hard. It was amazing to watch.

Then he was here! And we all cried. How is it possible to love someone so much before they even take a breath of air? But we did.

I have to confess after the many many many hours I spent in labor I did feel a little shell shocked that my sister had such a drastically different experience. The mystery of birth still eludes me. I think it always will.

Thanks to Jake or whoever for snapping some of the shots I was in. I love the one with all my sisters...and the one with sweet Anna being drugged by newborn baby.

Kate, you know it's hard for me to not see you as my baby sister. With that sweet little voice you had as a three year old....and now to see you as a wife and mother is just amazing. You are a natural with your baby like I knew you would be. He is so blessed to have you as his mother.

Charlie welcome to the clan!!!!! We love you to the moon and back!