Rebekah + Kyle's Wedding, Orange County CA

At first glance you see a disgustingly attractive couple. With their perfect hair and perfect bodies and perfect white teeth. But don't let the perfection of their physiques fool you into thinking they are all sex appeal. They are crazy and kooky, laughing all the time. They are madly in love and they are happy!!! I don't think the notion of happiness gets enough attention. True, sincere happiness is a gift. And these two have it. I can only begin to imagine all the fun and smiles they will have together growing old together. Makes growing old not sound that bad after all.

Coto De Caza was a beautiful venue. The sun was fierce and from my newly pregnant state I remember it being HOT..which really kind of made sense.

Thank you a billion times over for letting me come stare at you guys all day. It was a pleasure.

(shot with a contax 645 w/ portra 160 and a canon 5d)