Danielle + Dave's Wedding- Los Angeles, CA

This is what it looks like when two of your best friends get married.

This is also what it looks like to plan when you get married around the light so your photographer friends has a huge grin on her face. Take note people: If you want to have end of the day light you have to leave time to take photos during the last couple hours of sunlight. (Oh, how I wish more weddings were planned this way!!)

I love Dave and Danielle for a million different reasons (like choosing the best light for me) but one of my favorite reasons is the way the love and adore my daughter. I think you can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat children and these two are going to kill it when it comes to parenting. Nova adores them. And so do Grant and I.

I love how Dave gives me kisses on the cheek and how tight Danielle hugs. I love my big mouth asking if they are dating and this being the end result. I love them getting engaged at our home surrounded by twinkly lights. I love our tapas nights and all the alcohol we don't consume. I love what a big part they have been in our lives for the last couple of years...and will continue to be because we are buying a small island we are all going to live on.

It was an amazing wedding day. I was beyond honored to be there by both of your sides as you became what I always knew you would become, a team. xxoo


(all shot on a contax 645 and canon eos3 w/portra 400 & ilford 3200)