Nova's Home

Today we say goodbye to Nova's home.

We really moved here for her. Any important event worth remembering has to do with her for the most part.

We wanted to find a space that felt right for her to be born in. We wanted to move into a home that we could see ourselves becoming parents in. The home we affectionately called "The Oasis" was just that.

Do I have regrets? Sure. Change makes you think about all the things you wish you could change....but I can tell you with 100% surety I don't have regrets about not photographing our life here enough. I shot a lot. A lot more than I even shared. I do regret not sharing more (if any) videos of her, but I have them so I guess we can do a blast from the past down the road.

Best moment in this home: cradling my baby girl up through the water and into my arms the moment she was born. In our bedroom. In this house. I think we lived here for that moment and that moment alone.

Worth it.

For what this house means to me this post seems trite and impossible to do justice. For that I am sorry. Some things are too big to write or even photograph. Becoming a mom is just one of those things.

On to other homes..and hopefully more babies. xxoo.


(polaroid image taken by our mailbox and house #'s when she was just a few days old)