12 Months of Nova

My sweet bestie Heather gifted me these photo props when our Nutty was born.

It was no easy task to take these photos ON TOP of the non-photo prop card shoots I was doing with her monthly. Why do I take on so many *extra* projects?

I am glad I did it. This is fun to look at. I missed the yellow blanket on month 4...and they were taken in different spots w different lighting...BUT most of them were taken on the actual day she turn that age. I'm tired just thinking about it.

These photos mean so much to me..especially this week as we pack up and say goodbye to the home Nova was born in and the home we became parents in. I will tell you more of our plans later..but for now just know that there will be more reminiscing and remembering this week as we say our goodbyes.

Moving on will be OK because Grant and Nova are moving on with me. What else really matters? Walls can be replaced, right?