Jane + Kristine

Alternate blog title: Twins In A Riverbed.

Because that's what I did..I dragged them down to the bottom of the empty river canal near my home. It would have been super creepy expect I smiled a lot and talked about my baby..mom vibes are the best way to reverse a possible creepster sitution.

How amazing are these two? Sure they are knock outs..but you should meet them. Their insides are even better than their outsides.

I always daydreamed about having an identical twin when I was younger. Somebody that had been with you since the very beginning. The very VERY beginning. There is something so fascinating about the dynamic of two people so similar and yet so drastically different from each other. I think twins are my new photo fetish.

All shot with ilford 3200 film on the hasselblad...my true love for the last 12yrs.

Want me to drag you to the bottom of a river canal? Call or email!