The "Easy" Life

My Mom has this quote sitting in front of the kitchen sink. While we were there during the holidays, every time I was cleaning a dish or washing my hands I saw it...and since then this idea has been running circles in my mind.

What if I just acted like everything was easy? Would it be?

I am a huge proponent of the power of thought. It has been one of the only ways I have been able to make it through some of my toughest trials. I do believe you can't always control your circumstance but you can always control your response to it.

The above photo was from our adventure in New Zealand. It was fun...but we were also sleeping/camping out of a vw van. Two of the days we were without heat in the van AND it happened to snow. I did a fair amount of complaining. I was cold, my baby was warm but had to wear every article of clothing and be covered in three blankets, Grant was cold and trying to navigate, I was miserably cold...did I mention I was cold? I don't think my complaining necessarily ruined any part of the trip but I do look back and think..."what if I had acted like everything was easy?". Would I have smiled more and complained less? Instead could I have helped cheer up Grant more and giggle with my baby under her pile of blankets?

For pretty much every situation I face that seems hard, I know it could be a lot worse. Easy isn't always the best word to describe any given moment but perhaps I could make those moments "easier" by choosing a different mind set.

Being a parent has reminded me of this again and again. I can choose for a lot of things to be a burden or hardship OR I can choose to see certain moments as adventures and blessings.

One thing I do know since thinking more about this "easy" idea is the more I think of it, the easier things are becoming.

What does everyone else think? Anyone want to join me in my quest to find more silver linings?