Benny + Malan

Benny is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We call ourselves the "Truth Seekers". We love to stay up all night and analyze love and light and heartache and any and every questions under the sun. I consider him a brother and I am his sister. When we stayed with him in his NYC apartment he gave up his bedroom for our crazy trio. He would do anything for me, Grant and Nova. I would do anything for him. He is without a doubt one of my true loves. We have been friends since we were 9yrs old. He lived across the street from me and we would meet in the middle and lay on the warm asphalt of summer and talk about growing pains. My life is fuller and richer because of him.

Here he is with his Malan. These two are an amazing couple. AND amazing uncles to our sweet Nova. One night while I was taking a break in the shower I could hear Grant, Benny and Malan playing with her and I could hear her giggling and chatting I stayed in the shower a few minutes longer.

I love both of you. Thank you for the amazing weekend in the city. You are both my "pipocas".

("just because" photos taken on the highline park. Have you been there? Amazing.)