Caitlin + Loren's Engagements- Byron Bay, Australia

My job is so cool.

I am shooting this couples wedding in Maui this coming summer....BUT they live in Byron Bay and the timing was perfect when I was over on that side of the world for a wedding and I popped on over for a day trip to shoot these.

It was maybe the longest day of my life. Woke up in Sydney, got ready, feed baby, took the wrong train to airport, barely made my flight, flew to Gold Coast airport, was picked up by Mel, Dave and Miss D and spent an hour with them as they drove me to Bryon, had a quick 3min photoshoot in a parking lot with them, met up with Caitlin and Loren and then proceeded to have one of my funnest shoots to date. Wanted to marry both of them, WIND, grabbed waters and coconut juice, raced to the Ballina airport, barely made my flight, landed in Sydney, took bus to international terminal, reunited with my Grant and Nova (who while I was shooting packed our bags, did laundry, checked out of hotel and got to the airport all sans mom), ate delicious airport food (not really), boarded a flight to New Zealand, took off over an hour late, most turbulence on a flight I had ever been on, landed in Christchurch around 1am, shuttled to hotel...3am tucked in bed and ASLEEP!

You know what? It was worth it. That day kicked my butt but Caitlin and Loren were a treat to photograph. I only wish their wedding was happening tomorrow so I could hang out with them again sooner.