9 Months


You turned 9 months old in New Zealand!...living out of a van.

You got your first stamps in your passport. Australia and New Zealand.

I'm pretty sure when you are a teenager you will be mad you can't remember all the fun adventures we had with you as a baby.

Everybody on the airplane falls madly in love with you. You will stare directly at someone smiling until they give you attention. It's hilarious.

You force mankind to be closer. It's like you're saying. "come on! we can't just ignore each other!..you and I are the same, we're both people!!"

I have to admit, sometimes I'm not in the mood to be your voice during and after you make a new friend BUT I always end up being glad it happened.

Babies are the great equalizer. They are the glue. You are super glue.

This month you've slept pretty much every night directly on top of me.

But I think we both need it...it's been such a busy month & we miss each other.

I had one of my longest works days yet. We were apart for 14hrs. I felt it.

2 teeth!!!!!

We finally understood what teething actually means. You had a week where you were just not yourself..more serious, more tired, needier...I'm sure it was teeth pain.

You talk non-stop. Your jabber sounds like sentences.

Kind of sounds like you say dada & mama & this month your favorite sounds has been a puh sound or puu.

You are getting more & more strawberry blond hair.

I linger after every kiss to take  in a little bit more of your sweet breath. I think uncle Matt Smith said it best when he stated, "she smells like heaven".

It's crazy the amount of stuff you can reach from a standing position. You get up to the tippiest of toes & pull that lotion bottle right on down.

Nuh nuhs, pickle, sweetsies, novs, (the classic) nutty & the occasional Zuu zuus are all used in reference to you. Zuu zuus is an expression also used to let you know when something's exciting or new.

You are an unswaddled sleeping champ. You still need a little human touch to fall asleep & we want to thank you for that.

Brought your stroller to aus/nz & haven't used it once. Beco carrier all the way. So much easier for everyone.

You wave. No joke. You make the cutest hand gestures. A flip of the wrist..waving towards you..if I wave you wave back.

You've always done this..but when you are the most excited and happy you open your mouth super super wide. I think you must unhinge your jaw to make this happen. The expression is pure joy.

I love that when I type out these lists every month spell check goes crazy. We have to make up words to describe life with you.

We didn't do a formal photoshoot this month but shot a lot of film of you while we were travelling...waiting for film to develop is the worst!

You got sick for the 1st time in new Orleans. Absolute worst thing ever. Throwing up, fever...we were so sad for you. I breastfeed you non stop & within 24hrs you felt a lot better. Oh man..I did not like that one bit.

Interest in food is starting to pick up. Carrots, avocados, apples, blueberries  are among the winners. We even let you suck on a lemon wedge & you didn't bat an eye & wanted more. You one crazy baby.

I miss you when you're right next to me...like that's not even close enough.

You are so smart and perceptive. Your sense awareness is uncanny. You notice, feel & experience everything so fully.

After a long day of helping to soothe you, your dad came out of your room after bouncing you to sleep & stated if you would let him he would bounce you for 50hrs strait. We then sat on the couch both half asleep ourselves & listed all the things we love best about you. That's what you do to us. You can be in the next room & we just marvel at the perfection you are. She's beautiful. She's quick. She's sensitive. She's strong. And then your dad said, "she's just so brave". We both laughed after he said it...but you are! So brave & so trusting. Brave to choose us as your parents. Brave to try so many new things. Fearless. You are our superhero. Our super Nova.

(forgive the sparse list this month..this is already almost two weeks late. I promise I will make up for it with your 10 month post.)