Yesterday we had to lower her crib.

She has gotten that big.

I often wonder if I am appreciating all of the little moments and little things that are happening right now.

Am I present enough?

The other day I pushed on her nose..and I wasn't sure if I had ever felt it before. I then proceeded to touch her chin and her ear lobes and all the parts I may not give enough attention too. I am usually good at seeing the small stuff (which is why i'm not half bad at my job)...but with her there is SO much small stuff that I tend to feel overwhelmed.

Take her piggies for instance. They are numero uno as far as the cute factor goes. I need to give them way more attention. I need to take deep breaths, step away from the devices and be more present with my baby and my husband. I need to make it a priority.

Weekend challenge: take 15mins everyday to just "be" with yourself, your spouse or your children. I think it would help us all feel a little bit better. A little bit more connected.

xo- Rachel