Giveback #4- Albums

"We are in danger of having a whole generation that has no family albums,

because people just leave them on their computer,

and then suddenly they will be deleted,"

- Martin Parr

This is no bueno.

Things are going to be changing around here.

I haven't always included prints with certain options I offer clients, but no more. This is too important. I completely 100% believe the photo albums will be the best way to pass these images on to future generations. They need to be printed and I need to take my own advice.

My personal images pile up on hard drives and sometimes I print them for my house or to put in books but from now on I PROMISE I will be compiling at least one personal book a year. Probably more. You need to do the same. Think of it as journaling. Some of us are better with words, some of us need words and images and some of us have thousands of untouched images waiting to be a story.

Giveback #4

All books 30% off this week only.

Maybe I shot your wedding but you never ordered an album.. Maybe your family images are sitting on a disc but not in a book? Maybe you had a sweet little newborn who needs images of his 1st moments put in a book for him to a prized treasure.

Send me an email at with your name, the month and year your shoot took place and the album you are interested in. I will email you back with more information. Offer good until 11:59pm Thursday, Oct 13th.

All books will be guaranteed in your hands before Christmas!! This would make an amazing present.

Album Pricing: (Vegan options available for both books)

*Book Bound/Flush Mount Albums (as seen here:

8x8-10pg album- $560 (regularly $800) 8x8-15pg album- $630 ($900) 10x10-10pg album- $700 ($1000) 10x10-15pg album-$840 ($1200) 12x12-10pg album-$980 ($1400) 12x12-15pg album-$1120 ($1600)

*Contemporary Image Portfolios (hard or soft cover books with paper weight pages...think coffee table book).

5x5-10pg-$140 ($200) 5x5-20pg-$175 ($250) 8x8-10pg-$280 ($400) 8x8-20pg-$315 ($450) 10x10-10pg-$420 ($600) 10x10-20pg-$490 ($700)

Discount for multiple copies. If I have designed a book for you already but you want duplicates for gifts, these have discounted rates as well.

(I can quote you a price if you want more than 30sides, 15pgs or if you want an 11x14 size book)

*flush mount designed albums require a selection of photos chosen in order to start album design. For 10pg-20side albums approx 25 images should be chosen. For albums between 15 and 20pgs or 30 to 40 sides, approx 30-40 images should be chosen. Since these albums are flush mounted, the photographs are mounted to the book and can not be removed.

Let's get these images in books!!!