32,400 Minutes

(some of my favorite feeding photos since birth. Taken by Grant, myself and the 1st one by my sister Anna.)

3 hours a day

21 hours a week

90 hours a month

540 hours in 6 months

22 1/2 days of strait breastfeeding since birth.

I have almost spent an entire month since she has been born just feeding her.

If you've ever wondered why new moms talk about breastfeeding so much, the numbers above are why.

Everyone's experience with breastfeeding is different. For us, once we made it past the first 3 weeks we were golden. So convenient. So comforting. Keeps us close. We love it. It is a lot of work and time (see numbers above) so part of me is glad 6 months of feeding is behind us but a larger part of me is kind of sad that so many months have already past.

Transitioning into motherhood is not nearly as strange as some may imagine it to be. I had always hoped breastfeeding would feel normal and it has.

Bodies are just knocking my socks off this year.

And while I'm crunching numbers.. if breastfeeding is suppose to burn and extra 500 calories a day that's 11,000 calories that should be missing from my bod. Somehow the baby's home has managed to hang on for dear life. Sometimes when we are rolling around on the ground together and she comes upon her old home (ie: belly mush) she will start rooting around and sucking like it's another body part altogether. I can't decide if the joke is on her or me.

Today my little munchkin is 6months old. I have single single-handedly kept her alive with my body for 16 entire months. I think that deserves a huge prize!!..Maybe the prize is a baby that has survived for 16 entire months.

6month photos and thoughts coming soon. Just had to rely those numbers since today is a landmark day.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding? Did it work for you and your babes?