Two Months

This last Friday we celebrated 8wks of your life.

So far you have spent both of your month birthdays out state. Nevada and now Arizona. Both sets of images were shot on hotel comforters.

You don't look like my newborn anymore! You are longer and your cheeks are giving your eyes more room.

We went to your checkup with Dr. Lin today and you are only 10.3lbs. I thought you were going to be chunkiest of chunkeys..turns out you are only average chunk. Sorry.

Lots of people told me before you were born that you wouldn't ever wear newborn stuff..and would start wearing 3mos clothing right away. WRONG. You are still wearing all of your newborn stuff. 0-3 is still a little big. Another reason why you are naked all the time, I didn't buy you enough newborn sized stuff.

You have started sleeping 8ish hrs a night on a regular basis.

You stare strait in to my eyes and can hold it for a really long time. It's all you really want to do when you are awake and happy, stare at me.

For your nighttime sleep you like to be put to bed with me lying next to you, so close you can feel my breath, as I stroke your face and tell you how much I love you. You stuck on your binksies in your little straitjacket and fall right asleep. It kills me with ridiculous amounts of obsession. You fall asleep around 5am the same way..and sometimes I can't fall back asleep as fast so I just stare at you and Dad and think about how in love I am.

You went on your first plane ride! I thought non stop about it for days..all for nothing. It was super easy. Your head didn't explode from the altitude change and I think I teared up from happiness when you sleep the whole way through check in. I was going to give you back if you didn't travel well...looks like you're staying!!

I was strolling you around the pool in AZ and since it was so low key didn't buckle you in. The stroller tipped and you luckily stayed in your seat but fell forward. I scooped you up and pretty much ran back to the room and cried. Never again. Strapped in ALWAYS.

Your breath smells like sweet cream.

Your hair is getting lighter and in certain light looks strawberry blond.

You fists still clench up a lot and gather lint and stink after naps because of sweat. Sorry about that.

When I feed you I examine your whole body and find any and all weird bumps. Doctor says the "bumps" are normal and looks at me with a smile.

I need to take some month shots of you without the sign...oh well. Next month. I think I would like these better without the card. Dang.

I take so many photos of you I am thinking of starting your own tumbler so I don't overload this WORK blog.

You love your lavender oil massages after bath time. I say all your body parts as I massage them to help you learn.

Sometimes I look at your Dad with you and I feel like he's borrowing you. I feel like you're mine and he borrows you.

But I know he's your Dad because you have some gas issues at night and in the morning.

I am trying to wrap you on me at least once a day. Yesterday we made Dad a meatloaf (his favorite..don't ask) wrapped and we went to the mall wrapped.

When I wear you wrapped everyone wants to know if the feet dangling out of the bottom are boy or girl.

People stare for different all the staring is because I wear my baby. It's the best..and so much better than being stared out for any other reason. People LOVE when you wear your baby.

I'm not sure if you need to start playing with toys but I do feel pressure to entertain you properly while you are awake. So far I seem pretty funny.

I left you at home with Dad for about an hour. It was a very weird feeling. All I wanted to do was get back.

Your Dad and I talk about you pretty much all the time. Sometimes when you are asleep we look at photos of you awake on our iphones. We caught ourselves doing this in the airport and couldn't stop laughing. You were right next to us and we missed you.

Your Dad and I look at each other numerous times a day and have to say out loud how perfect we think you are. It has to be said at least 20 times a day or we explode.

Lately I call you "Nooks" a lot and I talk in dodo de dodi do a lot to you. I guess you have to be there.

Sometimes friends and family call or email to tell us how beautiful they think you are. It is the best ever. I'm like..."I know!! Right?!!"

If they already think you are beautiful and they don't have Mama love running through them..imagine how I see you?!

You are the MOST of everything.