Rebecca + Derek's Wedding

It has been torture waiting to share this wedding with you.

You can read about every detail here, that Rebecca shared for the Martha Stewart Wedding Feature...but I have a few things to say..

Most weddings are really fun for me and some are more fun than others. Truth. This one was more fun. Non stop action packed wedding day, from start to finish. Wedding ceremony at the LA Latter Day Saint Temple.. followed by a bike brigade taking over LA? Me shooting in the back of a mini van? A picnic in the park?  Diddy Riese ice cream sandwiches? A walk through the botanical gardens at UCLA with toasts afterward? A mini golf course at the Stagecoach Inn Museum chronicling their relationship? Cookies in the shape of their heads?!! This wedding was bananas!

It feels so good to finally get all this out.

A big huge thanks to the ever so stylish and creative Rebecca and to Derek, the dashing fellow with the ear to ear grin that stole her heart.

This is one wedding day that will be hard to forget.