Three Weeks

Seems like you have been here a lot longer than 3 weeks.

Your hair is getting lighter and your gaze is getting more direct.

I love the little grunt you make when stretching and waking from sleep. Sounds like a little horse neigh.

We took you to your first movie this week and to Costco. I kind of watched the movie in between constantly checking your little face in your carseat by the light on your dads cell phone.  By the time the movie ended and you hadn't cried once, we were so proud and relieved.

I also took you on a walk to the grocery store for the first time. The checker at Stater Bros wanted me to tell you Donna was the first person to check you out at a grocery store. She even came from around her counter to take a peak at you. Of course she thought you were the most beautiful.

You need a little more to be soothed to sleep and still prefer to sleep on me or dad.

We gave you a binky for the first time and it nearly broke my heart.

Sometimes I kiss your lips while you are sleeping. Can't really help myself.

Acne made a showing this week. I loving called you my little pock faced obese baby...but your dad didn't think it was very fair.

Bounce bounce bounce. You have a serious need for us to bounce on the big blue ball.

Your dad and I celebrated our 2yr anniversary this week and spent most of dinner looking at you, taking turns holding/ soothing you and generally not wanting you out of our sight.

We all swung on the hammock this week on a beautiful 80 degree day in March.

I'm trying to soak in all your newborness. I know the daily hiccups won't last forever and neither will the fur on your ears. Your little clenched hands won't clench forever and eventually you will prefer not to sleep on my chest. But until then...I am soaking it all in.

Stay little please.