Two Weeks

I can’t stop calling you pooky or pooky bear or my pookster.

You don’t fall asleep on me after eating very much any more. Now we have to feed burp and soothe. I don’t mind. More time to cuddle you and whisper in your ear.

You can be very dramatic when you are tired..doing extreme backbends, acting starved but refusing to eat…and then 2 seconds later you are out cold.

We gave you a second bath this week in the bathroom sink and you loved it.

You make lots of eye contact and loved to be blowed on and tickled. You love to be stroked and touched.

Your entire body from the top of your head to your little bottom fits the length of my forearm. I can hold you in one arm.

Morning time is the best. You love hanging out with mom and dad in bed, content to just look at us and soak up all our praise.

When we try to burp you, you do an almost constant pushup.

When I am burping you , you get in your pushup position and then love staring at me about 2 inches away from my face.

You have a major need for speed. When the car starts moving you fall immediately asleep.

If you are asleep for more than two hours at a time, I start missing you really bad and really wish you would wake up.

I also feel like I need to hold you at least once an hour or I have major withdrawals.

It’s no surprise, I love you even more than I did last week.

PS. You stll only fit into your smallest clothes. Everything else drowns you.