2010, The Year of "Not Waiting"

Yesterday the Mother of one of my dear friends passed away.

After spending a few days photographing their family this summer, they have been on my mind frequently.

A mother died...and in a few short weeks I, as a Mother, will give birth to a daughter.

The circle of life and death are so closely linked to one another. So fragile yet so amazingly strong and resilient. It keeps on going...even when seemingly impossible.

The events the past few days have really made me reflect on what Grant and I had deemed, "The Year of Not Waiting". We felt big changes fast approaching and we never want to live in a moment of regret...so we tried hard this year not to. We traveled and didn't wait for the timing to be better. We saved money and spent money and shared money. We would take hours doing nothing if it felt like something we needed. It was a great year for my business and I tried to approach it with no regrets...not waiting to say no to jobs or yes to ones that seemed like more of a risk. I spent the majority of this year experiencing the mystery and wonder of pregnancy. To be honest we didn't feel completely ready and we hadn't wrapped our heads around how life with a child would all work...but we want a family and waiting longer was not in the stars for us.

When I reflect on my dear friend and his family in their moment of grieving and celebrating the life of their Mother, I am grateful. I am grateful I focused  on photographing "meaning" this year. I am grateful they too were not waiting to love and share and experience as a family. I am grateful that the vast majority of why I am a photographer has nothing to do with a paycheck.

I am grateful for Grant and my Baby Girl and this circle of life that keeps reminding me of all the reasons not to wait.

Happy 2011 to all my beautiful friends.