Melanie + Dave's Wedding

This. wedding. was. the. best.

First, they flew me to Australia. Then I vacationed around before hanging out for a day at one of the most thoughtful/fun weddings.

Second, I want to be neighbors with them and take their dogs for walks when they are out of town, and call Mel crying when I'm emotional and make her come over and watch movies with me.

Third, Dave owns Vespa Pizza in Brisbane and I am not kidding when I tell you it was some of the best pizza I have ever had. How rad is it to be the creator of a super successful pizza business?

They are a golden couple. Everything about them is easy and happy and genuine.

Ruffled blog featured their wedding yesterday which was exciting. Check out Ruffled for more images and some details in words.

I could gush for hours on end about this wedding and this couple. Sometimes I probably need to shut it up and let my images have some air time.

Dave and Mel, LOVE YOU! Thank you a million times over for having us be a part of your wedding....and thank you even more for your new found friendship.