Failop + Mike's Engagements

Sometimes holding your breath and jumping is the only way to get in.

As I see it, all of our options for the most happiness come with great risk.

Although, risk never seems quite so scary when you are doing it in tandem. When we were young we needed hand holding to the restroom. As teenagers we doubled dated. Now we are adults. Some decisions are ours alone... BUT isn't it nice that some of the big ones we try and do in teams? Marriage and hopefully parenthood. I look at single moms and dads with great awe and respect. I want to drive around and tuck every single pregnant mother into her pillow nest before she sleeps. I know how blessed I am. Pillow tucking is no small task.

During this engagement shoot I looked at Failop and Mike with that same awe and respect for holding their breath and jumping (especially since it was their idea!). What a fun adventurous couple. Were we freezing? Yes. By the end of the shoot had all our minds numbed to the point that Grant our trusty assistant was a bit nervous? Yes. Was it super awesome and a welcome challenge? YES YES YES.

Thanks to Faliop and Mike for being up for some mild torture. Thanks to brother and sister in law for handing over their gorgeous home and pool...and for the hot tea after we had lost our minds. Thanks to Dave for lending me your Aquatech case and equipment and for trusting me to submerge it all under water. And thanks to my assistant, production manager, lifeguard, chauffeur, father to my unborn daughter and husband. Strapping weights onto your pregnant wife's body and sending her into a watery abyss isn't the easiest thing for even a fish like himself. I would have probably died 8 or 9 times by now if it wasn't for Grant.

Their September wedding in Malibu is a party I look forward to.

Behind the scene shots and tech talk coming up.