The 16 Laws of Island Princess Mode

1.  no makeup 2. no blow dryer

3. eat 1 whole papaya a day..with lime

4. no waking up to alarm clocks, only rosters

5. you are welcome to make some loose plans BUT if they don't work out you really could care less

6. sunscreen is a must (you aren't as dumb as you were at 16)

7.  carrying around plumeria blooms to smell at random is acceptable

8. it is impossible to OD on guava juice

9. NO happy trigger finger. photos may be taken if they mean something or randomly occur.  Life does not happen in front of or behind a screen.

10. leaving the north shore is never a good idea. rethink ever staying on the southside (even if for a night)

11. underwear is optional and discouraged.

12.  it is normal for your mind to wander in and out of island princess mode when keikis are on the mind.

13. getting a tan on your back may be difficult when lying on your stomach doesn't really work

14. floating in rivers is a must!

15. eat breakfast outside. no exceptions.

16. getting in the ocean at ke'e beach, right as the sun sets, wrapped around your big strong man ...seals the deal. island princess forever.

(we fly home tonight. and no...I don't want to talk about it.)