Shooting Schedule

I've needed to post my schedule for the next 6mos for awhile now. After turning down numerous weddings for this coming February, I knew I needed to set a more firm timeline for maternity leave.

As of now our little thumbelina is scheduled to arrive early-ish February. Because of this not so small event I am not booking weddings from January-April. I will also not be taking any out of state jobs during the same time-frame.

I will however be taking local jobs on a case by case basis Jan-Apr 2011. Please email for inquiries.

I will be back to shooting as normal in May.

I have already started booking work May through the end of 2011 so let me know if you are interested in reserving a date.

As excited as we are for our miniature lady to join the is hard for me to take the time off from work. I get a pit in my stomach having to say no to jobs that I really want to shoot.

It will be a bit of an adjustment finding the right balance and I appreciate your patience as I learn to juggle marriage, motherhood and work.

xxoo- Rachel

(This is one of my all time favorite photos. My mom holding me as a newborn at home in Fairbanks, AK. I love her hair and the snow and the tall trees...and I really love the reflection. Good job Dad.)