We've Been Waiting For You...

Happy 1 week of breathing air Baby Boy Affleck!

After all the worry of missing you come, you ended up waiting for your Auntie Rach....well kind of. I missed your birth but only because you were born in about 2 seconds (felt like 2 sec. actual time..from 1st contraction to birth approx 1 hr 30min). And then you were here!!!!!

We're all obsessed, especially your mom and dad. I did a voice recording of them talking about what it was like to be parents on the day you were born. I can't wait for you to hear it.

I would like to book at least 30mins of holding you this weekend (if you can come up for air from your #1 favorite pastime..eating!!!)

(And to answer the question you're all asking....YES. That was the view from their hospital room. Oh, Newport Beach. You are really too much.)


His name is official and public knowledge now... Baby Boy = Cole. xxxooo.