Lauren + Colin's Wedding

I commonly don't meet a bride and groom until their wedding day. You know...emailing, maybe a phone call but getting together face to face isn't usually necessary. I love to shoot engagements before the wedding day so they can get an idea of how I work and I can get an idea of how they work...but this doesn't always happen and that's OK. Because of this, it's always a little mysterious to what my couple will look like. What will the style of her dress be? Will they be affectionate  or shy? Loud or quiet? It's fun anticipating the unknown factors that will impact how I shoot and what I see. It's that unknown that keeps me loving shooting in natural light and shooting weddings. It's guerrilla style. You have to always be on your toes, re-metering, watching five things at once, being one step ahead of an emotional moment so you can grab it and expose it properly. Not the most relaxing way to shoot, let me tell you. OK, I'm getting off track..

Lauren and Colin were seconds from appearing for the first time and someone turned to me (a bridesmaid?) and said, " You are going to love photographing them. They are both tall and beautiful". Sure enough they emerged, both, all legs. Lauren immediately exuded a confidence and radiance that told me she isn't afraid of being in front of a camera and Colin had this grin...every time he looked at his new wife..a grin.

I looked, I observed and I started to shoot....for the next 8hrs.

Another great wedding and another day of sweating it out guerrilla style...because that's how I do.

Guess where these two went on their honeymoon?....Vietnam. Rad, right?

Lauren and Colin, thank you thank you thank you for letting us follow you around all day. You made it too easy.

Ceremony: Newport Beach Temple

Reception: Strawberry Farms in Irvine (Gorgeous venue).

Flower by: Design by Aubrey