Monday Confessions

Sometimes I pick up whatever clothes are on my floor and wear them day after day.

During my 1st week in kindergarten I discovered the girls bathroom had a pink sign and the boy bathroom had a blue sign. I did not like this. Blue became my favorite color. (I am not against pink. See photo).

While we're on the topics of bathrooms...During my 1st three months of being pregnant, almost every time I used a public restroom, I'd wonder if I was going to miscarry. AND then I'd have elaborate daydreams about who I would tell, how upset I would be, fainting in the stall etc...

Yesterday I watched Little Miss Sunshine on TV and cried through the entire thing.

I love photography, but I love my relationships with humans more.

I've never been in a tanning bed.

When I dream about my little sister, Anna, she is usually under the age of 5.

I wish I had dark, long eyelashes.

I am a naturally positive person, but I have a dark side. Ask Grant.

Tradition for traditions sake kind of bugs. Let's give actions meaning people.

I believe in positive and negative energy flow.

Sometimes I go to bed without washing my face, flossing or brushing my teeth. It's just too much effort.

I wasn't even that ready to get pregnant...and now I worry and think about our baby all day long.

I also worry that with a scrub as their Mom, our kids will look homeless until about 18. BUT they will be happy and carefree and dreamers!

I wonder if my kids will want to be dreamers?

Grant says not everyone cares SO much about "meaning". I disagree.

No matter how hard I try, a pile of papers always forms on the left side of my desk.

People keep telling me "Oh, just you wait!", when I say that I'm tired or stressed or xyz. I know I have never been a mom BUT I have cared for children a lot AND believe me when you work full time for yourself you know what tired and stressed feels like.

I might just surprise all of those negative energy sucks and be a very average but adequate mother.

AND I'm planning on loving my baby. How's that for mother of the year?

(inspired by my former bride and now friend's blog, word for word. Get a warm cup a tea and read the whole thing.)