For Unto Us...

I was involved in a project for my church that involved photographing a modern day take on the nativity. Click on the images to view them larger and hopefully large enough to be able to read the beautiful words inspired by the night of the Saviors birth.

Emily did a great job pulling the whole thing off and J. Arthur Purrington created the layout and design of the booklet. Thanks for both of them for making my job so easy.

So my dear bloggers this is my Christmas gift to you until the 28th. I take off to Texas today to be with my family and watch my sister be married on the 26th. For Christmas this year I am gaining a brother in law.

What an amazing year it's been. My business has blessed me in so many ways this year as well as the decision to live with a boy....permanently.

So now it's time to snuggle, sip hot cocoa and watch "It's a Wonderful Life"...we need to enjoy it while we can. The holiday hang over starts on Jan 2. xo.