Nicole & Tony-Engagements

Yesterday while I was editing these, I started watching "Biggest Loser" on Hulu. I'm not sure if it was the show, or the fact that these photos are of my favorite place or how adorable and in love these two are....OR that I'm female and sometimes get hormonal..but I cried on and off the whole time. Serious. I would see someone on Biggest Loser climb a mountain and then simultaneously open up an image of Tony kissing Nicole's forehead in a taro field, and it was really too much. I was overcome with positive endorphins.

I wish I could just post every image I took at this photo shoot, so you could see how fun and awesome and beautiful the day and this couple were.

I am leaving my calendar indefinitely open for Hanalei engagement shoots or wedding shoots, or any type of shoot! Just watch out for tears while I edit.