Kevin & Emily's Wedding

This wedding was in mid November, but doesn't it look like an October wedding? I was happy there was still orange leaves on the trees.

I have shot my fair share of weddings at the Salt Lake Temple, and I love challenging myself to take a new couple and try and give them something unique but still classic in a VERY traditional location. I love shooting images I have never shot before. I love seeing something old, in a new way. It's not easy to do and I'm not saying I nailed it....but when I look at Kevin and Emily in these photos I see newness and something fresh...and that makes me happy.

Happy marriage you two! I loved being able to be a part of your day. There isn't another wedding I would have felt as comfortable falling on my back in front of. WOWZAS. You should have seen my bruise! I love war wounds.

All my love and positive energy for a most happy and successful life together. xo.