Dear Friends

I read and reread your comforting words today and seriously I teared up more than once.

Most of us don't even know each other and yet this mess of a cyber worlds allows us to communicate and comfort and that's one thing that doesn't stink about blogging.

Things you all inspired me to do today:

-Get off the couch
-Put "not bathrobe" clothes on
-Make lentil soup
-Watched TV mid afternoon and allowed myself to think about negative stuff a little more
- Since I'm trying not to eat sugar this week (no wonder I am in a bad mood), I rewarded myself with bisquick dough...eaten right out of the bowl
-Walked to the park, sat under my favorite tree and said a prayer
-Put red lipstick on
-Wrote a letter to my sister and mailed it

Then Jon sent me a link to this Zack Arias video,

Now I am starting to feel more like myself.

Today wasn't even about photography per say....But I guess to some extent it was about everything so photography is thrown in there. I loved how at the beginning of the video Zack mentions staying up at night trying to think of ways to reinvent his work, his offer, himself. I can totally relate. I even though I know others feel the same way, It's nice to be reminded on days like this.

Thanks Jon for that link, It really helped me feel a little more understood and thanks to all my other beautiful cyber friends. You helped me feel supported and NORMAL.

I just love you all so much. Maybe tomorrow will be better.