Haylie + Ross

I don't know about everyone else, but when I look at this bride and groom I just feel kind of good inside. Her smile is happiness, isn't it? She looks joyful. She must be. I don't really think it's very easy to fake joyful.

Their wedding took place in the Portland Oregon Temple and the Dinner at the Ecotrust Building in downtown Portland. We also had some general romping about...which was super fun for me because I had never been to Portland before. I ate great food and fell in love with the public transit. AND everybody in the city rides a bike. Nice.

I am so happy everything fell together and I was able to join you for the festivities. It was an honor spending so much time with you on your wedding day. Thank you for the intimate look at your family and your relationship with each other. Your Paris themed dinner party was amazing, and I'm guessing your Paris themed honeymoon was pretty great too? Can't wait to see all the romantic hand held kissing pictures you snapped by the Siene. XO-Rachel