downtown LA wedding- part 3

(we look beat, but I love when a bride wants a photo with us!)

first image, clockwise from left to right:

-halibut (I think)
-caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes
-panna cotta
-molten chocolate cake
-mushroom risotto
-crab cakes

honestly people, we ate so GOOD at this wedding. It is rare that on a shooting day I would ever turn down food. I mean, I'm running around, burning calories, have to keep my energy up......but by the last bite of the 10 course chinese banquet they served us, I honestly thought I wouldn't need to eat for at least another year.

thank you for treating us like wedding guests. everyone keep asking us how we knew you, thinking we were long lost friends. I saw some confused looks when I confessed I was just hired help. after all of our hours together I to felt like a long lost friend. it's true.

the wedding lunchon was held at cafe pinot and the wedding dinner at the new capital restaurant.

grant took notes on the courses while eating dinner:

1. Pork, chicken, duck, jellyfish, seaweed (all served cold)
2. Walnut shrimp
3. Scallops and peas (edamame)
4. Crab egg drop soup
5. Albacore & mushrooms in gravy
6. Lobster
7. Hot chicken
8. Catfish
9. Fried rice w peanuts, shrimp, potatoes, etc.
10. Sweet red bean soup

we kind of like food and photo taking a lot, so we're a little bit into this wedding.

I can't sign off without mentioning the amazing second shooter I hired to work with me on this wedding....mike cunningham of digital orange photography. check out his blog, check out his website and check out a few of the awesome images he shot from this wedding:

the end.