birthday surprise

husband came home from work one day this week and presented me with his laptop. I clicked through the powerpoint presentation and saw these....

best early birthday surprise ever!!!!!

I have recently become ever increasingly obsessed with getting back to my island, somehow with someone (I know I went to hawaii 3 times last year, but to be fair, only once to kauai).

It's true I am in charge of forms just give the mr too much trouble. so, this week in between editing I have been planning and daydreaming. I booked the tickets today and november is the month!

I know it seems like we travel a lot, and we do, but most of it is for work and although those trips can be relaxing at times it's not the same as planning REAL r&r . also, some of you may be thinking "you've been to kauai how many times? don't you want to spend your time and money vactioning someplace else?" for those with any similar questions, I'm guessing you haven't spent much time on the garden isle. it just doesn't get old.

(is my husband a dreamboat or what?)