bananer's birthday

today is my wittle itty bitty baby sisters birthday. she's now 20. not so wittle anymore.

I remember when she would cry for "raychdoe" from her crib. I remember the day she was born..being pulled from finger painting and holding her for the first time. I remember feeling fiercely protective of her from the start. I remember when she suddenly became old enough to have adult conversations and I was like, "what?!!!". I remember taking her on a super sleuth bra shopping excursion. operation get her to buy a bra without her knowing it. I remember a time when eating/sleeping/doing was hard and she made me soup and helped me buy christmas decorations.

It's strange that I can remember things that she can't, because now I feel like we are almost the same age. but don't get it twisted, I am the older protective sister and NO ONE better mess! she has things to do and I am here to help make sure her life happens as it should...just like any good sister would.

I thought it appropriate on this the day of her birth, to post photos from our trip to texas in her honor. we were all there a few weeks ago to celebrate her mission call to milan and go through the dallas temple with her. only a couple more months to go!!!!

today I am in utah with her and can't wait to spoil her with food and birthday hoopla.

love you banans. celebrating your next birthday in italy will be sic!!!