the last few weeks has just been full of belly's and babies. being pregnant is the new black.

this bathing beauty is none other than the fabulous and talented julia. she is a talented graphic designer and photographer (check her work out here), BUT she is also really good at being pregnant and really good at being pregnant in a bikini. can you say AWESOME!?

when we starting talking about taking these photos I couldn't stop envisioning this pool with the chairs and cool mod vibe. I suggested the idea to julia and she was on board...and I was so glad. there are not very many woman that would be up to what I wanted, skin, and lots of it. julia was amazing! perfect for this shoot. exotic, sexy and naturally buoyant.

jan, julia's husband, was so great and accommodating. I barked out orders and he and grant jumped to help. we did have to work around the sweet grumpy man swimming in the pool and the woman in the apartment building who was apparently stressed by the floating pregnant woman. love photo shoot trials. they make me want to get the perfect shot that much more. worked both of those grumps!

julia and jan thank you for the fun. you are both going to be such amazing parents to our little mango. see you at the hospital!!!!! xo.