hoover dam


during our stay in paradise this weekend we took a few hours to tour the hoover dam. worth it!

it was really hot outside (understatement), but it was interesting to learn all the little facts.

for some reason it made me so sad that they had to divert the colorado river from it's original path while building the dam. that river had traveled down path and created that river bed for how long? and we just come in with a bunch of steel and decide to move it? I know it helped in a lot of ways, but I just felt bad for the colorado.

in true form, I wanted to know more facts about the lifestyle of the workers. what did they eat? what were living conditions like? were they happy? did they feel like they were living up to their full potential....you know, the basics. I also was slightly obsessed with finding out how many people died while building the dam. why weren't they telling us this fact? I wanted to know if there were people stuck inside that concrete! finally we had to ask one of the tour guides and the number wasn't very impressive. I can't even remember....30 or 40.

they were about finished building the bridge that will take traffic over the dam. amazing! it was a bunch of concrete hanging over the air. how? HOW? made me think of "the fountainhead" by ayn rand.

thanks to the dam for an interesting and information afternoon.