camping- 4th of july weekend

- BIG TREES! (seriously scared me at first)
- camp fire
-cooking over camp fire
- grant gathering wood for about 18hrs. my man, keeping me warm.
- dates to the outhouse
-chapstick in the bear locker
-queen sized blow up mattress
-the bear clapping while hiking
-pasta salad
-car sick! (lowlight)
-1st road trip with mini computer
-grace alles house and grandpa peters notes!
- light+ sunflares+ smoke=slight obsession
-grants hot air on the fire
-tired at 7pm
-waiting for the stars
-wet wipes
-mineral king canyon hiking. amazing.
- love languages in the field on a blanket by a stream with golden light and popcorn.
- mind numbing cold water
-nectarine pie
-g laying in my bed of pine needles
-family posing in front of park sign
-brioche buns
-la princessa
-the way the air smelled
-reliving old memories with grant (I loved being somewhere he had been when he was little)
-making new memories
-biggest tree (overrated!!)
-swimming hole. NOT! (next time babe, promise)

It was my first time to sequoia national park. I love going somewhere new, almost more than anything and I love going to those new places with grant. we stayed two nights in mineral king in the cold springs campground and drove our last day into the park to hang with some giant trees. It was amazing to see a place with so many memories for my husband. I loved mixing the old memories with the new. I was car sick for a whole day coming back down mineral kings windy road, but I think if I wait long enough I think I could be talked in to going back. might have to get out in walk in front of the car next time like g's mom did when she was younger.

seriously love those big trees. hard to really get how humongous they are from a photograph. gotta be there. gotta go!

a really amazing way to celebrate independence day weekend. huzzah!