kindra & marty's wedding- reception


big time family crush.

I had no idea way back when during a steamy love escapade in new york city that I would still be connected with the anderson family...and can I just say, SO glad I am.

after photographing a couple weddings and ava's birth serious bonding happened. I love kindra, devon, alicia and family, the jonas brothers, rudy, karen and jaron...the whole lot! quality people.

a few words about kindra's dad, rudy..fell in love. he is down to earth, funny, disarming and personable. he is always smiling and is a great conversationalist. I was poking grant the whole night asking, "can you be like that when you're a dad?" he's totally on board with me. when I casually mentioned the fact that I wish I could be an anderson, he understood.

believe it or not this wedding was not about the anderson family, it was about kindra and marty. AND just for the record the adair family was amazing as well. marty's mom had about 8 arms and was whipping that party up before our very eyes. and how cute was his dad? If I waited long enough I always got a smile.

kindra and marty, it was an honor to celebrate your day with you. kin, now that I know the house "secret" don't be surprised when you come home some day I am chillin on your couch.

love, love, love!

highlights from the day:
-the couple coming out before you guys who had to "stage" their exit about 3 times. ouch!
-your hair net
-marty's "blue steel"
-grant's shoe poses
-perfect light
-best backyard EVER
-the stream
-the trampoline!
-kindra's dress ripping
-ava being adorable
-the jonas brothers
-cinnamon bears
-rolling down the hill
-the small fire that started
-the hunting scrapbook
-a really good looking bride and groom

to order prints from their wedding visit here.