papa, I love you.

dear father,

I love remembering how excited I was when you came home from business trips
I loved the doll bunk beds you brought home for me once
I loved playing shark with you in the pool. I honestly thought you were the strongest most fish like man in the world
I love the memory of you baptizing me in our indoor swimming pool. the smell of chlorine always brings me back
I loved going to NYC with you. I forgive you for not having film in the camera
I loved you buying me new pink reeboks when I kicked my shoe off in the middle of times square
I love the world of food you have shown me...chocolate souffles, bread pudding, oso buco
I loved sitting on your feet as you climbed the stairs at bedtime
I love the stories of potty training and how I would wait ALL day for you to help me. weird
I love when I was a baby and I would call you mommy and mom, mama. double weird
I loved being able to go on the road with you for work
I loved feeling like a seminar celebrity when you would call me up on stage
I love all your "dadisms" around the dinner table, "a thorn among roses..."
I loved watching alias, survivor, star trek the next generation and jeopardy with you
I loved how you told me if I ever made in on a reality tv show you would pay me $10,000 NOT to do it. offer still good?
I love your handwriting, with your european sevens and signature loops
I love the big white trucks/suv's you always drive
I love how much you loved the "jewel" cd when it came out
I love remembering how you had to call my boyfriends to tell them not to bring me home late anymore. so embarrassing!!
I love getting "upgraded" with you
I love you for teaching me how to "work the system"
I love being able to come to you when I really need help, knowing all you want to do is help me
I love how you are my biggest photography fan. you believe in me and that helps me believe in myself
I love making fun of you! you're our dad! it's too easy!..."fudge brownie, 7x7=49"
I love you for all the sacrifice you've made for our family
I love you for trying so hard
I love you for your confidence
I love you for serving such an honorable mission (even when it meant you had to miss my wedding)
I love you for being my dad

happy father's day! I'm so grateful for you.

and happy father's day to all of my other "dad's"...lloyd, hugh, grandpa porter, grandpa peter's, grandpa thurston, grandpa henriksen, grandpa smoot and matt smith.

AND, happy father's day to the future father of my children, leo. just kidding... GRANT MITCHELL PORTER. you're going to be such a great peroxide and bleach dad. xxoo.