on the interweb

searching through my blog stats today (that gave me the super cool info featured in the last post) I have come across a couple places where my photos or photos of me, have been posted. yay!

tess on the interweb:
oh happy day (thanks jordan!)
casando ideias (scan down the page, beautiful brazilian (I think?) blog)
wemetinabar (some great inspiration on this blog!)
the unwedding (I'm an anti bride too!!!)

me and granty pants on the interweb:
kellymccaleb-tumblr (see the little blue house and grandma's cabin details right above?)
grey likes weddings (my wedding was fun. I miss it.)

thanks to everyone for sharing my images.

I guess if you want your wedding photos to be online, wear a vintage dress (and have a super awesome name like, tess).