my mac

(grant editing a wedding video he shot on his brother's computer)

I can't seem to leave grant alone when he's on the computer.

I lean on him, put my toes on the keyboard and screen and get impatient if he doesn't "surf" the web fast enough. On the flip side he is absolutely NOT allowed to bug me while I am the computer. no watching over my shoulder, NO touching the touching the cords, plugs or anything that may or may not hook to my computer. my computer is MINE and I am in charge.

I guess life really isn't fair sometimes. (but, grant, wouldn't you really miss my toes all over your screen if something were to happen to me?)

what do you get away with in your marriage that is unacceptable for your spouse to do? just curious....I have a few more... (sorry babe. I know I am a lot of work and I really do love you).

{shooting lovely tess's wedding today in newport beach. things I want to try to do in between shooting: see my babies, eat food with nikki, sit on the beach, possibly buy some new shoes, and stare at the sky on a patch of grass}.