selective editing

ok, so you all know what I'm talking about when I bring up "perfect life" blogs....right? the blogs out there that make you think you seriously have problems. the blogs that make you wonder why you're the only person that has a bad attitude and cellulite. "perfect life" blogs show only smiles, and bliss and good looking people with perfect fashion and loads of money and endless supplies of creativity. "perfect blogs" are not perfect. they lie.

so, I know this blog of mine is mainly used to showcase photography with occasional personal information. because of this I don't usually vent all of my frustrations or woes through my blog....I don't know...I guess I think it might not be, professional?

well, it's been a pretty rough week, and not from the outside, but from the inside. I have thought a lot about the meaning my life has...or doesn't have. I've struggled wondering if I'm doing enough, doing the right things or if you can even call what I'm doing, "doing". I have been bugged with work, home and husband. SHOCKER! my life is not least not this week.

I just thought you all should know, so you won't ever mistake my blog as a "perfect life" blog. It's easier to show the happy and sunshine, and I think that's the stuff most people want to see, but I know sometimes it's comforting to be reminded we are all editing. we bloggers select what you see and read and what you don't. remembering that already helps me feel better.

here is to being imperfect! cheers!

(this is maybe the most hideous photo I have ever seen of myself....for your enjoyment. taken on my imac a few years back to document an extremely ill moment. believe me it took some courage to post this...I don't even know who reads this blog...except for noelle and my mom. I hope this cheers someone up.)