nikki and matt's sealing

two of my best people were sealed in the salt lake temple this last saturday. it was really awesome and really cold. (g and I made it in the group picture...look for green boots and grandma coat).

run down of weekend in utah:

-land on friday afternoon
-head strait to frenchie and pick up lights
-dress fitting
-haircut with shep
-dinner with kate and anna at pizza factory
-apartment that smells like syrup
-breakfast at park cafe
-sealing at SLT
-photo time
-awesome bride and groom snow angel photos (coming soon)
-walked down bike path to lunch open house at the afflecks
-walked in mall like zombies
-fell asleep in car in parking lot of mall for 30 mins
-dinner at royal india (favorite indian food in sandy)
-church time
-gave baby wright horsey rides in sacrament and tay a makeover
-went to the single young adult class (what?!)
-had slight breakdown about getting married
-lunch with family, cheese fondue
-pack and play
-not enough time to take photos of newborn mary...not fair.
-dinner at wildes. thank you for a fantastic dinner!
-family shower at grandma henriksens
-collected a lot of yummy recipes and told the story of "us" for our family.
-lost grants cell phone
-found grants cell phone
-watched "son of rambo"
-caught early flight home
-bumpy ride, three people threw up on our flight
-landed with the electricity off at long beach airport

home with 2 1/2 weeks until the wedding. hollah!