tribe rokker porter

born february 7th, 2009, 1:43 pm. at 6lbs he was so small he looked like all body and no legs! we weren't there until a few hours after the birth....and the natural light was gone (boo), but I still think we got some adorable photos despite the harsh overhead lighting. listen to me!! complaining about lighting! what is my problem?! A BABY WAS BORN! I think I was a bit of a holding hog, and grant was getting funny ideas about me being more ready for kids than I let big decision at a time please!

tribe we love you and already miss you! all day yesterday I would keep randomly asking grant, "where's the baby?"....and after he responding a million times, "I know, you miss him...he's in orange county"....he finally stopped responding, but I kept asking, "where's the baby?". I couldn't help myself. I love myself some newborn baby.