righteous mac and cheese

once upon a time I ate the best mac and cheese. It was in NYC and was made by JD. the key ingredient..blue cheese. blue cheese lovers get ready for obsession.

I emailed JD for the recipe, after YEARS of craving and these are the directions he sent me:

"I've got to say you timed this perfectly, I just whipped up some mega mac for my woman's grandmother, who thinks she knows everything about cooking, and I humbly blew her mind.

Ya know babe, the problem is that there is no specific recipe, its a balance of strong intuition and spiritual logic. Just focus on what makes the mac most delicious, and work with that. Take a deep breath in through your nose and imagine the breath as a blue light filling all the dark spaces in your body, then say "creamy mac"...

Honestly though, noodles cooked just right, a little al dente, the creamiest cheese you can find, a mild cheddar is best, if its sharp it tastes weird with the other garbage. Depending on how you feel add some seasoning, fresh basil, and some love. Make that into a traditional mac-n-cheese. Put that shii into a pan, like a brownie pan. Sprinkle the top with a super lite layer of bread crumbs, not too much that it sucks the juices out. Then put some blue cheese on top of that, bake it for like 10 minutes in the oven as hot as you want. Then usually I put some crumbles on it, or if you can find some legit blue cheese dressing put that crap on and wamo kablamo you've made new friends!

And if you're looking for love grill some brown sugared peach slices topped with a sweet (just mixed with a little sugar) mascarpone cheese for dessert. Get creative baby!"

JD, I made it. I added fresh basil...some aged cheddar, blue cheese and lots of enlightenment. the result... a few extra pounds! who cares! g and I are getting fat and happy together! WE LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!