merry christmas to you

I almost gave up on christmas this year, when my sponge cake didn't rise, my sweet potatoes just tasted "ok", I couldn't be with ALL my family and the traffic was bad.....but once grant started lip syncing mariah carey's "all I want for christmas is you", I took christmas back. I didn't even last an hour with christmas on the outs.

christmas story:

I was walking to my local trader joes a week or so before christmas and I saw a friendly middle aged women walking towards me with a long red poncho on. As we passed our eyes meet and just when I thought the usual "smile through the eyes" would suffice she greeted me with a bright "good morning and merry christmas!" I was slightly taken back and tried to return the greeting before it was too late. It really brightened my day. small, simple, barely any effort at all, still it made me feel part of something. I realized I often take the easy way out when it comes to showing extra effort and I continued the day trying to do more than just nod.

connect more. take chances. be friendly even if you feel you are the only one. forgive. try to stop "checking off the list" and take moments to see something, hear something, smell something. make eye contact. tell the people you love that you do... even if it's hard or awkward. don't wait. be the "man on wire". beauty doesn't always have to make sense or have a reason. start living everyday.

these are the things I wish for myself and everyone I love.

merry christmas! joy to the world!