honey beach moon hut

(photo somewhere in french polynesia borrowed from here)

today I have been a woman obsessed with beach bungalows.

fiance and I are thinking of a south of the equator honeymoon....or at least somewhere warm....currently most thought about places are maldives, bora bora, india and indonesia. we both decided we wanted our honeymoon to be somewhere neither of us has been.

I have my heart set on some combination of hammocks, white linens, outdoor shower, amazing food, secluded local, mosquito netting etc. it doesn't have to be fancy, but we don't want to be without hot water and a comfy bed. oh, and it would be a plus if it was affordably priced

any suggestions?

where did you go on your honeymoon? what do you wish you would have done differently? know of any great little beach huts?