disney criminal

last night grant and I went to disneyland for 1 hour. our passes expire on monday and we were down in the area so we popped by for the last hour the park was open. In the short hour we were there we rode big thunder mountain, haunted mansion and pirates of the caribbean and were then escorted out of the park by security. yep. escorted by security.

The whole thing was pretty ridiculous but pretty rad all at the same time. it involved us having our own boat on pirates (because it was 10mins before closing). they sat us in the middle row of the boat and half way through the ride we decided we wanted to move up a row..or two. yes, we knew it would be breaking a rule to jump seats during the ride, but we waited till it was practically stationary and no one was with us and we follow the rules way to much. so we jumped up a row. we thought we had outsmarted them and done it in the darkest spot (are their cameras infrared?). after we had done it they asked us through muffled speaker voices to move back a row. we did. I thought it was over after that, but as the ride ended the president of disneyland rules (or so it seemed) and a security officer were waiting for us. they threatened to take our season passes away. we acted aloof and innocent. "we only wanted a better seat...". they acted like they were giving us a lucky break by letting us walk this time, BUT next time we won't be so lucky. apparently we now have a tainted record. are they serious?! wow!

It was kind of embarrassing considering how old we are, but maybe it's just what I needed to remind me, with the 3-0 birthday coming upon me, that i'm still young and reckless. definitely made me feel young...maybe too young. I don't think poor grant had ever broken any rules, so as the sweat gathered on his innocent brow I soothed him with the positive, at least we didn't get thrown in disney jail.

oh, disneyland. how unreal can one place be?

ps. you may be more like crazyland but I love your vintage posters!!

the haunted mansion one has always been my favorite! but the tomorrowland ones are pretty amazing.

here's one place you can buy them...but I'm sure there's others.