my kauai peeps

grandpa smoot and grandma thurston/smoot are two of the crumpliest people I know. I could just squish them up. love, love, love them. I will never be able to shake the tune of "you jack of diamonds you rob my pocket.." from playing in my head. thank you for an amazing vacation.

kate sometimes can be found in trees. she is no doubt thinking some deep profound thought. ke'e beach makes you do that. love you little climbing tree sister.
shauna is maybe the worlds "hippest" mom. she was an inspiration and I found such a great friend in her. Loved getting to know her. can I be like you when I grow up?
lauren (shauna's daughter) was on a bit of a roller coaster this trip, but handled everything she is going through with the grace and the poise of someone much older than her age. she is a beauty inside and out. LOVE her and can't wait to see how her story continues.
bye bye hawaii...until sunday.