lisa and dave's wedding

I guess when I promised I would post these the next day...I meant the next day I posted. I don't usually post on the weekends. sorry about that. to make up for it I am posting a lot of images from this wedding. when I say a lot I mean almost 80. you might wonder if I have an editing problem. YES! Is there a help group for people like me who can't choose?! the real problem I have (among many) is I feel like I am doing an injustice to the "story" by taking parts out. How do you know it was snowing if you can't see the children reaching for it outside? how do you know lisa let her hair down if I don't show her letting loose? how will you become as obsessed with dave's infectious smile if I don't show the smile while he's busting some hardcore moves on the dance floor? see my dilemma? dilemma solved! post 80 images!

A really, really fun wedding. this group can dance. I wish all of you could have seen and heard their DJ. amazing is the only word to describe him. He participated almost more than best man or girl. wow.

love you two!!!! happy life!